This version features Amano Ginji and Midou Ban from the popular shounen anime/manga series, Getbackers. I actually don't know much about this series, since I've only watched about 4 episodes of the anime and the first few chapters of the manga. ^_^;; However, Ri-chan, who co-owns with me, loves Getbackers and bought a really cute Getbackers notepad, which is the image you see on this layout. She give one piece to me since it was so cute I couldn't pass it up. :p I actually scanned the image in a while ago, then promptly forgot about it until I was looking through my graphics folder one day for nice images to use in a layout. And so I stumbled across this image and thus we have the current layout.

I'm actually not a very good maker of layouts, so most of my layouts tend to be rather simplistic in design like this one. The background took a while to adjust, though, since I had to make duplicate copies of the blue parts and paste them to form one big seamless background. (The original blue bits on the image itself were TINY since the shape of the piece of notepad followed the outline of the picture) The words were a pleasant discovery when I was randomly browsing through my fonts directory to look for something nice to use - I had previously downloaded that font to use a few years back and then promptly forogt about it. (Gee, I see a trend forming here, don't you? :p) The text at the top and bottom of the page is kind of lame, I know, but I needed something to fill up the empty space (can't just have one small picture on the page, can I?), and that was the best I could think of at the moment. :p

Now for the technicalities. This site looks best on IE 6.0, high colour 16 bit and a resolution of 1024 by 768. It probably won't look as good on any other settings. This page was also mostly made using Microsoft Frontpage. I'm such a lazy bum. :p However, I'm really proud of the fact that the frames was coded entirely by hand - that's most likely not very impressive for most of you who can probably do much more complicated stuff, but it's a pretty big thing for me. ^_^ Pathetic, I know, which is why I'm trying to learn how to code everything by hand now so that I'll only rely on Frontpage for making the really simple pages. (It saves time, and like I just mentioned, I'm lazy. *sheepish grin*)

All the graphics seen on this site were scanned in by me, and edited using Paintshop Pro 6.0. I can't quite remember right now what font I used for the links in the Ginji and Ban picutre, but I'll update this page when I do. :). The text font used throughout this website is Tahoma, since I think it looks better than Times New Roman and Arial which get pretty boring after a while. And well, I can't think of anything else to write about, so I'll end here. I applaud those of you who actually managed to read to the end of this. *grin*