Did some spring-cleaning with regards to moving links and fixing broken ones. I really need to start work on my sites soon. ^_^;; (I can't believe it's been more than  ayear since my last recorded update. -_-)


Added the "Series-specific" links page. Also added the "For Sale" page. Will add in more scans for the manga covers soon.


Added the "This version" page, as well as the "Site History" page. (About time!) Also added some Xenosaga 4-koma translations for my "Half-baked" page. Tweaked the Shiseiten splash page a bit (Added the alt tags to the links), as well as my main page for the collective. (Just added in a "Version 3.0". :p)

Added the bare bones Half-baked site. Will make a better index page for it soon.

Uploaded the splash page for Shiseiten.net. Uploaded the following pages for my own collective: index, sites, network, about, updates. More to come as I try to get my whole collective up in working order. Collective may undergo a name change in the future if I can think of a better one. Also uploaded the Akaishi Michiyo index page as well as the manga, links, and updates page for that site.