The A-maize-ing Cornfield - My personal site. By right, this should be considered my first ever website, although I abandoned it for a while after I lost interest. I've revamped it since then, but am currently wondering whether I should just scrap it, since I doubt anyone ever reads personal pages about people they (most likely) don't know anyway. Mostly just kept up for sentimental reasons.

Raging Fire: A Flame of Recca Site - Flame of Recca's the first series which ever got me interested in anime, as well as rekindled my interest in making webpages. It's kind of static now since I've sort of lost interest in FoR, (haven't updated it in literally years!) but I'm planning on revamping it one day when I have time.

Akaishi Michiyo Shrine - Like the title says, a shrine to the not very well known mangaka Akaishi Michiyo. Under VERY heavy construction at the moment - not much information up yet.

For Sale
A list of anime/manga related items that I have up for sale. (Shared with Ri-chan)

A site with my half-baked translations and summaries from various manga. Currently all I have up is a very bare bones page with all the translations and summaries I've done so far (very few), but I'll be making a better index page for it soon.

Sketchy Little Details
A site with reviews of some of the manga I own. Also will have mini sub-sites for those series that I particularly like.


World Domination! - Personal blog.

Modorenai - Blog where I fangirl over all things anime/manga/game related.

xxoo - Shared blog with three other friends.

Big Black Blot - Literary blog shared with two other friends.

In the works:

Currently Untitled
A site dedicated to the amazing shounen manga, Samurai Deeper Kyo.

Layout Archive
Layout archive for my collective, though I may consider archiving my past layouts for my other sites as well.


Currently Untitled - A site with mini-reviews and/or my thoughts on various anime series I have watched.

Currently Untitled - A Marchen Awakens Romance (MAR) site.