This page will be only about my collective, so if you want to find out how I got interested in making webpages in the first place, you can go to my personal page. (Why would you want to, though? Isn't it boring? ^_^)

Anyway, when I first got interested on making pages for anime/ manga series, I didn't know what collectives where. After stumbling over a few, I was like, "What is THIS?". After I found out what they were for, I was amazed by how gorgeous some of them were. Not only that, I thought it was a good idea - to have a site linking together all the other pages you've done so that people would know where to find them. Since I myself was thinking of making multiple pages on different series, I thought, why not? Getting a collective might be a good idea.

So, I ran through a couple of names through my head to try and decide what I should name my collective, until I finally hit upon the name "Pretentious Glitter". You've probably read somewhere on some of my other sites that I've always been intrigued about how everyone has a hidden side of themselves that nobody knows about, and likely never will. It's fascinating, really. But I digress. ^_^

Anyway, my first site was on Geocities, so I was going to use some of the space on my old page to create the collective. But after a while, I realised there wouldn't be enough space, what with my FoR and Personal page using up what little space there was left. So, I looked around for a few places where I could host my new collective. I decided upon, since they gave 20mb space. I had previously used it for my Domon shrine, so since I was already used to the file manager, I thought it would be a good choice. The only irk I had with it at that time was that it had a tendency to crash, but other than that, it was a pretty good host.

However, after Envy merged with Zerocatch things got a lot worse. Not only did every page have a really huge banner, as well as pop-ups, I didn't really like the new revamped file manager. I began searching around for another host, but couldn't really find any good (free) ones. My friends and I were planning to get a shared domain after the O's, but that plan kind of fell through due to various reasons.

By a stroke of luck, Melz, the really nice webmistress of e-mailed me and mentioned that she had some space available and could host some people. Of course, I jumped at the chance. She was really patient and helpful, but after a while for some reason her site seemed to go down, and my collective along with it. (Although admittedly at that time my collective didn't consist of much [not that it does now either, actually. :p]) I emailed her to ask her about what had happened, but she never replied, and I felt kind of bad about bugging her about it since she had been doing a favour to me by hosting me and I didn't want to make it seem as if I was making demands from her (Especially since I didn't really know her very well). If there's one thing I regret about the loss of my collective at that site, though, was that I lost a lot of my blog entries since I didn't backup all of them. What a waste. i_i

In any case, I switched blogs to livejournal, and didn't really bother looking for any more free web-hosting services. I didn't have much content to put on my collective anyway, and just about the only thing that I updated at my previous collective was the blog, so I was content with just having a blog. (Plus I really like Livejournal's features) But sometime toward the end of JC 2, Ri-chan and I decided to resurrect our plan of getting our own domain. Being such huge Samurai Deeper Kyo fans, not to mention Shiseiten fans, we decided that that would be the perfect name for our domain. :) And this time round, I managed to find an advertisment for a local webhosting company that has really affordable prices (from what I've researched, anyway). So, since this time I was really enthusiastic about getting my collective up and running, I registered this domain and here we are!

Though unfortunately, my collective is (un)surprisingly just as bare bones as ever. When will I ever get things really going? Who knows; you'd have to stick around with me a bit longer to find out. *grin*